September 23–25
 Unity Weekend: Celebrating Harvard Alumni of Color

Join the Harvard Black Alumni Society (HBAS),  Harvard Asian American Alumni Alliance (H4A), Harvard Latino Alumni Alliance (HLAA), and Native American Alumni of Harvard University (NAAHU), in partnership with the Harvard Alumni Association, for a first-ever virtual conference that will provide a forum for diverse communities to come together for candid conversations on complex issues at the intersection of identity, inclusion, and impact. All are encouraged to register.

Do you have a story to tell?

Share it at the UNITY STORY SLAM! (And win $500) 

Entry Deadline: 11:59pm ET, Sunday 8/15/2021

Virtual Event: 7-8:30pm ET, Friday 9/24/2021

On Sept. 24, as part of the first Unity Weekend, the UNITY STORY SLAM will showcase the most compelling storytelling by  members of HBAS, H4A, HLAA, and NAAHU.  We invite you to submit your true story on video for the chance to share it in this lively and moving celebration. Please also think about your friends and classmates who always have a great story and encourage them to enter as well!

Stoytellers need not be literary or performing professionals and the video submissions do not need to be polished.  The 5 selected winners will work with a terrific storytelling coach and then re-record their stories for the actual Slam.  A panel of judges, including HBAS' own Communications Co-Chair Kelly Shapiro, will select the winning storytellers in advance of the Slam based on the recordings.  The winners will perform for the Slam and will each be awarded a $500 cash prize.  The deadline to submit your 5-minute story is 11:59pm ET, Sunday, August 15th.  Please click here for details on how to enter, and send any questions to unitystoryslam@gmail.com.  We can't wait to hear your story!