Serving San Diego

The Harvard Club of San Diego has successfully served San Diego County over the past year with such volunteer opportunities as harvesting oranges for low income residents, packaging nonperishable items at the San Diego Food Bank as part of Harvard Serves, a global month of service, cleaning up our community during CA Coastal Cleanup Day, and serving dinner to the homeless at St. Vincent de Paul Village.  Presenting a unique experience to interact with fellow alumni along with family members or a guest to give back to our local community, we were able to be a part of the removal of 125,000 pounds of debris from our community, the collection of 52 buckets filled with oranges for El Cajon's Chaldean Community, the distribution of food to 620 low-income seniors in San Diego amounting to a total of 18,600 pounds, and served dinner to over 200 homeless men and women in San Diego.