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May21 - 23 2021
5g transatlantic lab 2021

5G Transatlantic Lab is a project created by Garage Stories and the Mobile World Capital Barcelona to explore the potential of 5G and XR technologies applied to paediatric healthcare. We aim at fostering new connections between creatives and technologists based in Barcelona and Boston to develop innovative projects that can reduce the negative impact of long term paediatric patients (and families) experience at the hospital. In short:


Make children's stay at the hospital as enjoyable

and less traumatic as possible


The lab, lead by the innovation unit of Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (Barcelona) and Boston Children's Hospital (Boston) with the support of Cisco, IBM, GSMA, CaixaBank, Barcelona Tech City, 5G Barcelona and MedVR,  will take place May 21 - 23 in a hybrid format. The two winners will be presented at the Mobile World Capital stand under the framework of MWC Barcelona 2021 and incubated and developed at both hospitals.


May 10 - 20, leading up the the event, will take place virtual live sessions with experts all over the world in healthcare, education, storytelling, design, wellbeing, etc; so as to inspire and prepare participants for the Hackathon.

Sessions will take place Monday to Thursday at 13h Boston/ 19h Barcelona

All the sessions will all be recorded and made available for free to anyone interested in learning more about the subject.

how it works

The lab is open to anyone with an interest in improving children's experience at the hospital: creatives, storytellers, educators, technologists, psychologists, etc!

We'll accept up to 300 participants (applications are recommended to be done in teams up to 3 people) and we'll finally carry a matchmaking session to build

50 transatlantic teams of 6 people.

the lab: may 21 - 23

During the weekend, participants will work remotely following a series of masterclasses with experts in healthcare, design thinking, prototyping, storytelling and business modelling + the help of local and international mentors who will be able to assist them remotely.

Participants will also count with the support of our KIDS' EXPERTS, a group of paediatric patients from Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (Barcelona) and Boston Children's Hospital (Boston).

the outcome

We want to "Hack" the hospital with a humanistic approach: we are interested in new ideas that can improve long-term paediatric patients experience at the hospital so as to protect their emotional and personal development.

We want to explore the potential of emerging technologies (XR/AI/5G) to do so, but we are not so interested in your capacity to code an impressive app in 72 hours, but your capacity to empathise with those patients and come up with innovative and feasible ideas with a clear value proposition to be developed and implemented in collaboration with both hospitals after the event.

why get involved
Children are diagnosed with cancer each year
Those who survive, and their families, have long term psychological effects
Can you help us improve this?