HMD logo mic and titleHold my Drink Podcast Dicussion with the Harvard Club of San Diego [Recording]

Truth in Between has been busy working on the Hold my Drink podcast. As of the writing of this newsletter, we now have 14 Episodes, and the 15th in queue for this week. Join us as we navigate the news and politics with a chaser of civility.


The podcast is an extension of Truth in Between, where every week we discuss various hot topics from politics to race to religion. In the recent Episode 14, Causation and Reparation, I had attorney and author W.F. Twyman, Jr. and the CEO and Founder of Democracy Counts, Dan Wolf discuss their differing views on reparations. All discussed with a glass of champagne.


Forthcoming conversations include the Psychology of Leadership, Dangerous Voices, and Affirmative Action or Affirmative Education. You can find us on all of the podcast platforms or on the Hold my Drink podcast website.

The podcast is a place for constructive disagreement and conversation. All views and all drinks are welcomed, so grab your favorite beverage and join us.

For those of you who enjoyed our blog posts, don't worry, we're still writing! Every week we have a blog that accompanies our podcast, which you can find on the Truth in Between website, the Hold my Drink website, or the Truth in Between publication on We have added something new and exciting to our essays - we are including the readings and resources from each of our co-hosts weekly. Different news and different views...

And for those of you who prefer to watch these conversations unfold, visit the Hold my Drink YouTube page.

If you have suggestions for a show, or any general comment or feedback, please do let us know. We welcome constructive criticism and good-faith dialogue in all forms. And if you like what we're doing please do subscribe, like and share.

Jen & co

The link to the podcast on YouTube: Causation & Reparation

The link to the discussion after with some Harvard Club of SD members: Harvard Club Discussion 

You can find Wink’s podcast blog on the Hold my Drink blog page or on Medium: Causation & Reparation