Travel Talks: A Tale of Two Poles 
with David A. Aguilar Jan 14

Discover the impacts of climate change revealed in the unique ecosystems of the poles, unchanging skies of summer and winter, sinuous bands of auroral light, and the triumph and tragedy of human polar exploration.

Join us for our Travel Talk with a lecture presented by David A. Aguilar.

From the top to the bottom of the world, the poles present a landscape alien to most life on Earth. Host to unique ecosystems where the sun never rises during winter and never sets during summer, and night skies ripple with sinuous glowing bands of auroral light,
human polar exploration has a rich past of both triumph and tragedy.

More importantly, the poles not only host life found nowhere else on the planet, they are also the best indicators of accelerating global climate change that is rapidly occurring on our home planet.

Together we will explore these implications and more in "A Tale of Two Poles".

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