Friday, July 31st, A Special Reading Performance of Macbeth,  by OxBridge and Harvard Alumni for Alumni at 7.00pm. Please register HERE for the chance to be in the cast (participation & role by drawing). Or register for the treat of serving in the audience.
About this Event . . .
  While we're not able to attend a live performance of Shakespeare at the Old Globe, we thought that this would be an ideal time to organize an online reading of one/some of the Bard's plays. We'll kick off the series with a reading of one of his most famous tragedies, Macbeth. There are a total of 37 speaking parts in Macbeth, 8 of which can be considered main characters. The title role has by far the most lines, so we've decided to split the Macbeth role into 3 readers, Acts 1 & 3, Acts 2 & 4 and Act 5. The 7 other main roles will be read throughout by one reader. The other 29 roles will be split into 10 assemblies of characters, spread across the 5 Acts.

Please register HERE asap for a chance to read either a main part or an assembly of minor parts, as we must close registration on Wednesday, July 22nd, to give ourselves time to get everything set up. Once registration has closed, we'll have a Zoom meeting to witness the pulling of registrant's names out of a hat and assigning them to parts. If you don't like the part you're assigned we'll put your name back in the hat and pull out the next name, etc. until we've filled all of the parts. Parts will be "gender blind" to give more alums an opportunity to read. If you don't get a role we'll ensure that you're first in line for the next reading. Immediately after the drawing, we're hoping to have a short "coaching" session from a member of the Old Globe staff, to help us prepare for the reading on Friday July 31st.

We're hoping that readers will be able to find appropriate headgear for their character(s), and that we'll be able to provide "scenery" for readers to display behind their Zoom images, depending upon the scene we're up to.

If you would prefer just to watch the "performance" rather than read, please register for a Viewing Ticket, available HERE along with reading lottery tickets.

We do hope that you will support this new endeavor.

 In the meantime you may want to refresh your knowledge of Macbeth HERE and hone up on your Shakespeare reading skills by watching Barry Edelstein present Thinking Shakespeare Live HERE