Jim Greiner to Speak on Pro Bono Representation

On 11/8 Jim Greiner, The Honorable S. William Green Professor of Public Law Faculty and Director, Access to Justice Lab at the  Harvard Law School will speak on: Pro Bono Representation - Where It Is Effective and the Obligation to Engage

How should lawyers decide which of too-numerous poor clients should receive pro bono representation? Lawyers like to say that pro bono representation should be provided if a particular case “needs” the help, but what does that mean? Professor Jim Greiner of Harvard Law School, a six-year federal trial court litigator who holds a Ph.D. in Statistics, will discuss a recent study he conducted addressing these questions. Greiner will demonstrate how his study’s findings upend accepted truths in the legal profession about where pro bono representation does the most good. He will then discuss how in the face of such findings, lawyers and judges are under a moral imperative to engage in rigorous study of how pro se individuals and families interact with the justice system. Only with rigorous examination can judges and lawyers maximize scarce resources so as to triage clients to service levels appropriate for their cases.

More information: http://www.sandiego.hlsa.org/article.html?aid=123&nl=


Thursday, 11/8/18 at 12:15pm


Seltzer Caplan McMahon Vitek
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San Diego, CA 92101 United States

Event cost: $20 (includes lunch and validated parking). 

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