ivyleaguecrests-1Please join fellow Alumni at the April Ivy + Friends Happy Hour April 5

Please join fellow Alumni at the April Ivy + Friends Happy Hour at Coin-Op Game Room in the Gaslamp.  Coin-Op is your go-to destination for games, expertly made cocktails, local craft brews, and refined food. Offering the best of retro arcade games, top-ranked pinball machines, multi-player games, and popular sports games.

Coin-Op has something for everyone. Snack on some pizza or share some apps, drink some drinks, crush some pennies, and visit “the guy”, all while destroying space invaders or dance-dancing your way to a high score.

Thursday, April 5     6 PM-8 PM
Coin-Op Gaslamp
789 Sixth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
​Many thanks to Melinda from Harvard for organizing this event! ​


There is a Facebook Page for the group if you are interested in viewing photos from the All Ivy Happy Hour events and keeping up with the latest event announcements.  The group is "Closed" which means anyone can find the group but only members can see the posts.  If you'd like to be a member, please add yourself to "San Diego All Ivy Happy Hour" and I will approve your membership.