On a picture perfect fall day, Novmeber 5th, Harvard alumni were treated to a specially curated tour of the Stuart Sculpture Collection on the campus of UCSD.  Director of the Collection Mary Beebe led a spirited walk through highlights of the collection, including the truly disorienting “Fallen Star” by Do Ho Suh.  Mary, who spent many years in Boston at the Museum of Fine Arts and within Harvard’s Art museums, described the method used by one of the largest crane in San Diego to lift the 3/4-size house so that it could sit askew on the roof of the Jacobs Engineering Building.  Other elements along the tour were ’singing trees’, a colossal stone bear, and a sun god, each by world famous artists.  This tour was the second in a series of Art and Design events organized by architect Jennifer Luce, who now serves on the board of the Harvard Alumni Association, and Liz Anne Potamianos, a contemporary art collector and board member of the Sonnabend Foundation.