With life's busy schedule and goals to achieve, sometimes it takes a unique experience to remind us of what matters in life.  We were fortunate in 2016 to have our first community service event with the Miracle League of San Diego which provides children with special needs the opportunity to play baseball in an organized league.

img_0840On September 17th, a group of Harvard volunteers helped set up Engel Family Field and spectator area for a day of baseball games.  With a lot to do before the families arrived, everyone worked together to transform the space.  Volunteer activity then transitioned over to score keeping and concession stand.  Each game lasted two innings with every player scoring (a tied score in true Miracle League fashion) while the stands were filled to capacity.  Each at bat, to hear the announcer enthusiastically covering the player background and to see the excitement of the players as they rounded the bases with physical and spectator support, was a heartwarming experience.