Just Added - Discussion and Book Signing with Historian Mark Hanna

Pirate Nests and the Rise of the British Empire

Join the Library at UCSD for a discussion and book signing with Mark Hanna, Historian & Author of Pirate Nests and the Rise of the British Empire.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Faculty Club, The Lounge

Light refreshments will be served.

Mark Hanna (Harvard Phd. 2006, History of American Civilization) is an associate professor of History at UC San Diego, and one of the nation’s top authorities on pirates. Hanna is the author of the new book, Pirate Nests and the Rise of the British Empire (2015, University of North Carolina Press). In his book, he sheds a fresh light on pirates, traditionally depicted as fearless adventurers on the high seas. He examines the crucial role that pirates played on land by contributing to the commercial and economic development of port towns in early America and the British Empire. Hanna’s earlier work, The Pirate’s Nest: The Impact of Piracy on Newport and Charles Town, 1670-1740, challenged prevailing interpretations of piracy and also harnessed the phenomenon of piracy to illuminate the history of early America in the Atlantic world.