Your Genome: An Asset for You, Your Family and Society

Sponsored by the MIT Club of San Diego

Ever wanted to get a better understanding of the impact of Genomics on our lives? Please join us for  this engaging talk by Dawn Barry (VP, Market Development, Illumina) to learn more about the role of Genomics in our lives and the exciting work happening at Illumina.

Dawn loves a blank piece of paper to explore new opportunities to improve the human condition through technology. The Understand Your Genome® symposium was one such idea that empowered progressive thought leaders to explore to their genome as the most intimate way to experience and understand the opportunities and challenges in the personalized medicine. Dawn is very interested in enabling engagements between individuals and researchers, and ultimately empowering individuals as researchers. In her talk she will be focusing on how your genome is an asset for you, your family and society. Dawn currently serves as the Vice President of Market Development at Illumina. 

About Illumina: Global leader in genomics – an industry at the intersection of biology and technology. At the most fundamental level, we enable our customers to read and understand genetic variations. We strive to make our solutions increasingly simple, more accessible, and always reliable. As a result, discoveries that were unimaginable even a few years ago are now becoming routine – and are making their way into patient treatment. 

Date: 4/13/2016
Time: 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Location: Illumina Inc., Seminar Room A, 5200 Illumina way, San Diego, CA 92122

Contact Information: Pantea Khodami,

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