Harvest CROPS- 55 Buckets of Fruit Picked for Distribution to Refugees

Harvard community service effort reaps great rewards

A dozen Harvard alumni, family and friends gathered on Saturday, July 12th to pick fruit from a grove on a private estate in Jamul with 75 orange trees.  Having a side group of volunteers from Meals4Hunger to assist, in a little over an hour's time, we filled 55 buckets of fruit (50 containing oranges, 4 filled with grapefruits and 1 loaded with Kumquats) weighing in at 1,600 pounds for distribution to Somali, Laotian, and Chaldean communities within San Diego County.  Afterwards, the residents signed up for a 6th consecutive year of contribution. From this property alone, an estimated 12,000+ pounds of fruit has been donated to those in need thanks to the generosity of the residents and volunteers over the past 5 years. 


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