HCSD Community Service - The Honor Foundation

The opportunity to mentor America’s elite Special Forces during their professional transition into the civilian world!

Would you like the opportunity to mentor America’s elite Special Forces during their professional transition into the civilian world?


Here’s your opportunity!

Join The Honor Foundation at UCSD’s Rady School of Management in volunteering your expertise through active participation in executive education courses alongside our nation’s most elite soldiers.

WHAT: The Honor Foundation (THF) and the UCSD Rady School of Management have designed the first transition institute for the US Special Operations Forces (SOF) community. For two years THF has collaborated closely with the SOF community, top business schools and America’s finest companies in order to create a transition pipeline that gets results. The Honor Foundation has created a program to provide tailored transition assistance to members of the Special Operations community.

“Our Goal is to make available a learning and networking experience tailored for the top 1% of our military. We provide a new career road map through a unique assessment process, top tier executive education, professional development, individual mentorship, and proven private sector practices.”

THE HARVARD CLUB: Our members can make a contribution to transitioning Special Forces members as expert interlocutors in one or more three-hour evening executive education workshops. The next course sequence starts April 14th and ends July 22nd, so volunteer now to secure your place. Courses take place every Monday and Wednesday night at The Rady School of Management.

To learn more, click HERE for the listing of courses and dates. The list of classes from which to choose is just below:

The Honor Foundation Core Curriculum:

1. Safe and Secure Social Media Management (Lecture)

2. How Strategic Business Decisions Are Made (Lecture)

3. Negotiation: It’s a Strategy. Prepare. (Lecture / Workshop)

4. Emotional & Social Intelligence (Lecture / Workshop)

5. Elevator Pitch, Effective Communication, Quickly. (Series / Lecture / Workshop)

6. Effective Business Writing (Lecture / Workshop)

7. Networking is a Service to Others (Lecture / Workshop)

8. Corporate Culture & Managing Expectations (Lecture / Workshop)

9. Expect Change, Expect Failure (Series / Lecture / Heavy Discussion)

10. Thought Patterns for High Performers (Series / Lecture / Workshop)

11. Personal and Professional Branding (Workshop / Series)

12. Executive Functioning: Nutrition, Diet and Sleep (Lecture / QnA)

13. Behind the Curtain: Recruiting Practices of the Fortune 500 (Lecture / QnA)

14. Power and Leadership (Lecture)

15. Core Leadership (Lecture)

16. Executive Speech and Communication (Lecture / Workshop)

17. Career Roadmap (Personal and Professional Assessment Process)

18. PLAYING in DisComfort Zones (Active Workshop)

19. Mindfulness Throughout Your Transition (Retreat / Workshop)

20. Strategic Foresight and Innovation (Lecture / Workshop)

21. Project Management (Lecture / Workshop)

22. THRIVE (Series / Lecture / Workshop)

23. Designing Happiness (Lecture / Workshop)

24. Expectation Management (Lecture)

25. The MORAL ADVANTAGE (Lecture)

To volunteer please contact the Honor Foundation directly at 619-916-6421.  Ask for Joe Musselman.

Or email THF at: info@thehonorfoundation.org

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